Our Clothing

At ECO aWARE, the environment and its well-being are at the core of our values and morals. Therefore, we've strived to incorporate these values into everything we do as a business.
 Clothing Manufacturing
All of our clothing is produced in India. India's third largest industry, the textile industry, employs around 45 million people and is the second largest exporter of cotton globally. The textile industry is crucial to India's economic growth and future, but we wanted to support clothing being produced in the right way!
We want to make sure that our clothes are produced as ethically as possible and therefore as a business, we only use clothing produced by members of the Fair Wear Foundation. 
This ensures that all employees who produce the clothing we use:
1. Freely choose employment
2. There is no discrimination
3. NO exploitation of child labour
4. Payment of a living wage
5. Reasonable hours of work
6. Safe and healthy working conditions
7. Legally binding employment
Clothing Material
Also, we as a society are becoming evermore aware of plastic pollution, and people are starting to realise that a lot of clothing are made from plastic fibres, with the most common known as polyester. So that's why all of our clothing are made from 100% organic cotton, so we're not polluting aquatic and terrestrial environments with plastic fibres. 
As all of our clothing is certified 100% organic cotton (Global Organic Textile Standard - GOTS), this means that these clothes are produced in a much more eco-friendly way compared to normal clothing manufacturing processes.
A lot of harmful substances (especially to the environment) in regular clothing production are removed from the process in organic clothing. Some of these harmful substances include: Flame retardents, all Alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEO's), endocrine (hormone) disruptors, formaldehyde, heavy metals and plasticisers. 
So not only is our clothing organic, better quality and plastic free, but you can rest assured knowing that the production of your ECO aWARE clothing is minimal to the environment as no plastic fibres and many harmful substances are not being used during production.
Earth Positive
And for the cherry on the cake of eco-friendliness, ALL of our clothing are Earth Positive! 
This means that the carbon footprint of our clothing is massively reduced! To create an Earth Positive garment, the CO2 emissions are reduced by around 90% compared to the average CO2 emissions from regular clothing production. This is acheived through low-impact farming, manufacturing efficiency and the use of renewable energy. Because of this, an EarthPositive t-shirt saves 7kg and a hoodie up to 28kg of CO2 emissions. 
So we hope now, that you can purchase our clothing knowing that each garment is eco-friendly, wear it with your head held high, and know that your chosen design highlights an environmental issue or endangered species which supports a great charity.

 Thank you,