Meet the Founder

Hi there! I'm Liam, the founder of ECO aWARE!
Ever since I was a kid, I've been enthralled by wildlife and the natural world. I've come to realise that I first became fascinated (from about 4) when watching wildlife videos & documentaries (good old VHS) with my grandad most Saturdays when we'd visit my grandparents. Being able to see an entirely different world just completely encapsulated me.
It's safe to say that I am a true wildlife nut, and it definitely runs in the family, as my sister, Jasmine, is one too! This has meant that I have based my entire life, including my career, around wildlife, and I am currently studying for my PhD. I study a tumour disease affecting all seven species of marine turtle, essentially, I study turtle cancer. I love what I do and being able to research this disease in the hopes to aid turtle conservation is what I live for! 
However, I have always wanted to create my own business and to find a way in which to give back to the natural world, in a way which would be in keeping with my morals and values. And this was the very basis for my business ECO aWARE! At ECO aWARE we aim to create designs which highlight endangered species or serious environmental issues to help spread awareness of these issues. I couldn't have got to where I am either without the valuable input from my sister, who has given me some great inspiration and ideas on this journey so far.
And to top it off, 10% of profits from each sale goes to a charity aiming to mitigate these environmental/wildlife issues!