About Us

We are so passionate about the natural world and being able to spread awareness of environmental & wildlife issues. And so we have been lucky enough to turn that passion into ECO aWARE! 
We want to be able to give back to the natural world, but in a way in which is in keeping with our morals and values. And we hope to spread and share these values in our aspiring ECO aWARE customers! 
No one is perfect, including us, but all we can do it try to take small steps in the right direction, and that is what we're trying to do, and hope you will too.
Through our simple yet effective and unique designs, we hope that you will wear them with pride and help spread awareness of the environmental issues envisioned on our clothing, whether that be protecting the planet & oceans, deforestation or plastic pollution in our Environmental Issues Range.
Or highlighting animals which are endangered and require human intervention to continue surviving and thriving through our Endangered Species Range.
We hope there's something for you which you'll love and wear with your head held high!
Thank you,

Our Promise

For every piece of clothing sold, 10% of profits will be donated to the specified charity on the specific product page. So not only can you spread awareness with our designs, but you can know that your clothing is as ethical and eco-friendly as it can be and the donation when purchasing clothing goes to a great cause!